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Recreational House Snina
recreational house Snina

Budget accommodation in the house.
Accommodation for individuals, married couples, but also families with children. Guests have privacy, only one room with bathroom is rented in the house. There is a courtyard, nearby public playground, secure parking in the yard, or. in the garage…
Cena na osobu od 8€ or less person/night, max. 4 persons
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Pension Euroharmen
pension Snina

Breakfast – 5 double rooms, including breakfast, is located in the city center, close to all major roads. The device itself is perfectly possible to eat from breakfast, lunch to dinner. Is located in the complex gastro-center, which includes a del…
Cena na osobu od 19€ - 33€ person/night, max. 10 persons
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4 km

Pension Luki
pension Zemplínske Hámre

Newly built guesthouse in the village Zemplínske Hamre. There are three 2-bed rooms with extra beds, two 3-bedded rooms, one 4-bedded room (fridge, kettle, microwave oven) and suites with double bed, extra bed and a sofa bed. Each room has its own…
Cena na osobu od 9€ - 12€ person/night, max. 23 persons
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5 km

Private Accommodation Rodinny Dom
private home Zemplínske Hámre

Enjoy a beautiful holiday or a weekend in a pleasant environment! Here you will find space for relaxation and active relaxation! We offer accommodation that is affordable, but also suitable for demanding clients. Our capacities are tastefully furn…
Cena na osobu od 8€ or less person/night, max. 12 persons
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8 km

Private Accommodation Kolonica
private home Kolonica

Agritourism and rural tourism, national park Poloniny
Offers farm and rural tourism in the region Snina district, with accommodation in a private house with 3 star classification (capacity 10 beds) in the village Kolonica. Staying active is varied with getting to know the surrounding villages, the hi…
Cena na osobu od 9€ - 12€ person/night, max. 10 persons
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9 km

Pension Obsitnik
pension Adidovce

The guesthouse is located in the center of the village and in the middle of the 1ha garden, formerly belonging to the hunting house of the nobleman Drugetha. The guesthouse has 400 m2 of utility area plus double garage. In the spacious entrance ha…
Cena na osobu od 13€ - 18€ person/night, max. 15 persons
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10 km

Private Accommodation Scorpion
private home Ulič

A newly established operation in a rural NP Poloniny. There is beautiful scenery, fresh air … Consists of 5 bedrooms plus one room with TV, radio, fridge … Some rooms have their own bathroom.
Cena na osobu od 9€ - 12€ person/night, max. 15 persons
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