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Apartment Lucia
apartment Oščadnica

Experience active relaxation in Oščadnica, Lucia apartment welcomes you all year round.
Cozy apartment located in the center of Kysucké village Oščadnica, which is a gateway to one of the top ski resorts of the Snow Paradise of Veľká Rača. It is situated in the center of the village, which offers state-of-the-art amenities, while you…
Cena na osobu od 9€ - 12€ person/night, max. 4 persons
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Apartments Bytca
apartment Bytča

Large-area apartments will satisfy your demands for comfort and convenience.
Modern apartments located in the center of the town Bytča, represent a new perspective on an ever-increasing standard of accommodation in Slovakia. With luxurious interiors and excellent facilities meet the requirements of the latest world trends …
Cena na osobu od 19€ - 33€ person/night, max. 30 persons
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